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It was impossible. It was marvellous. It was amazing.

It was a unicorn on the school playing field.

The girls all gathered by the windows, fighting for a view, pushing and shoving and elbowing each other for room.

One of the more skeptical girls shook her head. “It must be a horse that somebody’s glued a horn onto.”

The other girls shouted her down. “Don’t be daft. Why would anybody do that? How would you glue a horn onto a horse anyway? It’s real!”

“Then we should go out and have a look,” one of the other girls said.

There was only the slightest moment’s hesitation before the crowd moved. Chairs and desks were toppled as they all raced out towards the main doors.

They ran, still pushing and shoving, through the corridors, out of the main doors and across the driveway to the playing field.

They slowed as they reached the grass, none of them wanting to scare the unicorn away. It backed away into a corner, the sunlight glinting from the point of its horn.

The girls all held their breath as one of them stepped forward to approach the unicorn, one hand out in a soothing gesture.

A loud voice came from somewhere behind them, hollering over the loud beating of wings.


The unicorn skittered sideways and the gathered girls turned to stare. Ursula whooped again as she flew around the belltower on a magnificent winged steed.

The unicorn, forgotten, wandered across the field to nibble on a patch of clover.

© Kari Fay