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Just four days after her husband was put in the ground, Bonnie Elkes was singing songs at the Fox and Hound.

Eyebrows were raised, and whispers quickly spread. It just wasn’t done. It wasn’t right.

And it wasn’t just the brevity of her mourning that caused gossip. Gus had been the picture of health right up until the day he died in agony. There was definitely something not right.

But the whispers might have gone no further if it hadn’t been for the dog. She had always hated poor Buddy, just as much as Gus had loved him. She called him a stupid, smelly mongrel, and wouldn’t allow him in the house, shutting him out in the yard in all weathers.

Gus had only outlived his beloved pup for a week. Just like his master, Buddy had been the picture of health until he died suddenly, writhing in agony.

What if, the voices whispered, Bonnie had tried something on the dog to make sure it would work on the master?

Whispers turned to action, and before too long shovels hit the ground again, and Gus Elkes was dragged back out of the grave. The smell of bitter almonds told the truth, and before the year was out Bonnie was singing behind bars.


Prompt: Dog, Almonds, Songs

(On a drunken night out a while ago, I apparently asked people to give me three words, and I’d write a story from them once I was sober. This is one of them.)