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Oh, the shame!

The humiliation!

The ignominy!

Victor stood quaking with emotion as he stared at the terrible scene.

A small pink table stood in the centre of his room. His action figurines were sitting around it, with plastic teacups and plates set in front of them.

But that was not the worst of it.

They were wearing pretty hats and dresses. Their faces had been painted up.

She had unmanned them.

His eye twitched. His fingers clenched into fists. He knelt beside them.

“She will pay,” he muttered. “Oh, yes. She will pay.”

It took a few days to prepare her comeuppance, but he didn’t mind that. Vengeance, as one of his war books said, was a dish best served cold.

Finally, after hours of preparation with scissors, craft knives and red paint, he was ready. He took his opportunity to creep into her room and set the scene, then settled down in the front room to wait.

The scream that rang out from his little sister’s room five minutes later was exceptionally satisfying.

© Kari Fay