The Alphabet series

My longest series so far, a story for each letter of the alphabet!

A is for Alice, who Ate all the Apples
B is for Benedict who Brushed all the Bears / B Is For Bertie Who Bartered For A Bicycle
C is for Celia who Crushed all the Crayons
D is for Dennis who Discoursed with Ducks
E is for Eleanor who Entertained the Elephants
F Is For Fergus Who Found His Flippers
G is for Grace who Giggled at Goats
H Is For Hector Who Hassled The Herons
I Is For Ida Who Ignored The Iguanas
J Is For Jasper Who Juggled With Jelly
K Is For Kirsten Who Kidnapped A Koala
L Is For Laurence Who Lingered In The Library
M is for Madeleine who Menaced a Monkey
N Is For Nathaniel Who Nattered At Ninjas
O Is For Ophelia Who Outsmarted An Octopus
P Is For Peter Who Peeked At The Pixies
Q Is For Queenie Who Quacked At A Quail
R Is For Raymond Who Reigned Over Rats
S Is For Sophie Who Was Swept Out To Sea
T Is For Thomas Who Tattled On A Toad
U Is For Ursula Who Upstaged A Unicorn
V Is For Victor Who Vowed Vengeance
W is for Wendy who Wagered with a Wanderer
X Is For Xavier Who X-Rayed A Xylophone
Y Is For Yvette Who Yearned For Yams
Z Is For Zachary Who Zapped At A Zeppelin


1 thought on “The Alphabet series”

  1. gedwardsmith said:

    Hello Kari,

    I really like your alphabet series concept. Can’t wait to read them all and all your other posts.

    Glenn-your newest follower

    Write Fearlessly


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