When people told themselves their past with stories,
explained their present with stories,
and foretold their future with stories,
the best place by the fire was kept for . . .

The Storyteller.

– Jim Henson’s The Storyteller

My name is Kari Fay. The calendar tells me I’m in my early thirties, although I don’t believe it. I don’t feel even remotely grown up enough for that to be true.

When I was a little girl, Jim Henson’s The Storyteller was one of my favourite television programmes. I always loved stories. I read voraciously; once my mother found a dozen books or more around my bed, all of which I insisted I was reading at the time. I typed out silly stories on long rolls of paper instead of playing with dolls.

Now I’m supposedly grown up, I still love stories, and I love writing. I  write for a living, but it’s work-writing; not anything especially creative or imaginative.

I live in the Northwest of England, a beautiful area in places and sometimes a source of inspiration. I love fairy tales, myths and legends, and the landscapes of the North are a fitting place to reflect upon them.

This is my place by the fire, my storyteller’s seat.

For over a year I posted a story here every day; in November 2011 I brought that down to a story every Wednesday and Friday, so that I could dedicate more time to longer works that I’m hoping one day to get traditionally published. Fingers crossed.

I encourage feedback so long as it remains constructive.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

All stories are copyright to the author, Kari Fay.
(My current profile image was taken by the very talented Ann Sundqvist.)

29 thoughts on “About”

  1. darkwasthenight said:

    Hi I posted a story every day too. I only got to 16. Good luck!


  2. I am totally awed by your goal of a story a day; one a week kills me! I love the origin of the idea too, I’ll have to read the story. I feel that way some day, that there are too many ideas. Great to discover your blog…I will be back to do some proper reading at leisure.


  3. I’m with Siren: a story a day is awesome! Two in one week is me really on fire and rarely happens.
    I’m following the Three Word Wednesday link and enjoyed your contribution. Will be back to read more anon.
    Toodles from the North East.


  4. Hi Kari;

    I have been stumbling around trying to find good blogs that will inspire me to write. And I have found you, phenomenal stories that encourage me to write and maybe I will. I have many excuses work and helping out at my church, but the passion for writing is there. I’m looking for prompts and activates to help me in my writing as well as more blogs to read. I have subscribed to your blog and look forward to many more stories to come!


    • Well, for prompts I can definitely recommend Three Word Wednesday, there’s also another site called Sunday Scribblings which I found the other day. And of course, #fridayflash – not a prompt specifically in that you can write whatever you like, but a very good prompt in making sure you get a story out for Friday. Thank you for your kind comments, and I wish you the best of luck with your writing!


    • I t00 enjoy Three Word Wednesday as a writing prompt site, though for reasons similar to yours, do not come anywhere near a story a day. Kari is exceptional.

      Another prompt site that gets me writing is http://www.creativecopychallenge.com/ which posts ten random words from which you create a story, poem, etc., and submit.

      Give it a try, I am sure you will like it, they are a great bunch.


  5. Hi, nice to meet you !


  6. So I ended up here from #fridayflash and was drawn in by the quote in your header — absolutely love it! Your bio statement about “The calendar tells me I’m in my early thirties, although I don’t believe it. I don’t feel even remotely grown up enough for that to be true,” made me laugh because I’m there too 🙂 Looking forward to reading more!


  7. Great header! And doesn’t putting your work online … scare you? You must have a lot of other ideas churning in that brain if it doesn’t. It would me 🙂


    • Thank you. In some ways it is scary, but there are pros and cons. For one, if I come to try and negotiate a publishing deal, I can point at the comments to show I have an appreciative readership already!


  8. A story a day seems like madness to me. Every so often I take a Word Play challenge on my blog where I ask someone for a word (any word!) and then have 24 hours to write/post the story… so far all the stories are somehow related, creating a spiderweb storyline. Reading your stories makes me want to go back and write another Word Play. =)


  9. Hi Kari,

    I was recently awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award by a fellow blogger and I have passed the award on to you via my post at http://socratesandserendipity.wordpress.com/2011/05/02/kreativ-blogger-award/

    Please feel free to pick up the award from there at any time.

    Thanks for sharing your amazing stories.


  10. Hey, Kari: I just wanted to give you a little blog award and tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. See it here: http://thegirlinthehat.wordpress.com/2011/06/14/the-free-love-blog-award%E2%80%94no-strings-attached/


    • Thank you very much! (Also, I’m so glad you did a no strings attached version – there are so many great blogs out there that I can never come up with a shortlist to pass awards on to!)


  11. An excellent blog, I like to leave it a few weeks and then binge on all the new stories. Inspiring work all around!


  12. I really like the stories you write! Keep up the good work!


  13. Hello!
    You’ve been Liebster-ed for being so awesome and dedicated to your work!




  14. Hi Kari I find I just want to sit and listen to you tell me stories by the fire…I love the north of England for its beauty and history and that faint fairy tale like ambiance. As for a story a day, I agree the ideas must be captured before they are forgotten but alas I haven’t been able to catch all of them myself : )
    I think I must follow your blog : )


  15. Kari, I’ve just discovered your little stories and sketches and I want to say I like them, especially the Major Arcana series.

    If I’d had a flying carpet and a magic lamp, I’d probably give them to you – you seem the sort of person who could use them – and in return I’d ask for one of your many packs of tarot cards.

    I tip my hat to you and resume my reading of your stories.


  16. Hello! I nominated you for the Lovely Blog award! Look:
    So you need to write seven interesting things about yourself, and nominate up to seven other people. Bravo! Gertie xxx


  17. I love this quote. A fireplace. A book. A chair. These things for me also are synonymous to storytelling.


  18. The dream of publication is that long one you have when you should be running but you can’t pick up your legs to run any faster. I recommend literary magazines, both online and print, as a place to submit your fine work.

    See you in the slush pile.



  19. Hello! Just having a look round if that’s okay. This was a great introduction and I have my fingers crossed for you!


  20. I’m loving your stories, great read 🙂


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