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Last night I danced in your garden.
I danced over grass, I danced over glass.
Nimbly I leapt to your trees.
Last night I danced in your garden.
I danced on your flowers, I danced there for hours,
Now everything’s silver like me!”

Astrid heard the voice singing outside as she finished her breakfast, and put on a thick cardigan, her heavy winter coat, and a woollen hat and gloves before she opened the back door. Despite her precautions, the cold nipped at her.

“Give it a rest, Jack,” she muttered, “or you’ll wear yourself out before spring.”

Jack appeared, perched on her garden fence with his arms folded and a cheeky grin on his sharp face.

“Why should I rest? Haven’t I made it beautiful for you?”

Astrid sighed, frowning as her breath crystallised in front of her.

“I can’t believe you’re stealing my breath already,” she snapped. “Greedy little beggar. It’s still only October, you know!”

Jack shrugged. “I missed you,” he said, “so I came early this year.”

Before Astrid could stop him, he leaped up and kissed her on the nose.

© Kari Fay