2014 was a bit of an odd year for me. I actually started to struggle with my writing. I failed to complete NaNoWriMo (clocking in at about 30,000 in total over two separate and both unfinished stories) and then failed to come back here with any further stories at all. I started wondering if my creativity had actually been in that manky appendix that the doctors pulled out of me in 2013, because I didn’t know where it had gone.

Now, looking at this site, I realise just how many stories and vignettes and little snippets of things that could become more I actually have here. (This is my 793rd post, and only a handful of those are Author’s Notes like this one.) I’ve started wondering if adding to them simply because it’s a certain day of the week is actually helpful. I’ve started wondering if there’s more that I can do with what I have here.

So. Now it’s 2015. I’m working gradually through the stories that I’ve posted here in years past, and the plan is not to just think about what I can do with them, but actually, you know, do something with them. That may mean self-published ebook anthologies, it may mean working on expanded versions that I might be able to submit for not-self publishing somewhere. Whatever it means, you will be updated here.

It’s likely to mean that I actually post fiction here less, and certainly less regularly. Instead of posting here because it’s Wednesday or Friday and ending up posting something that actually I’m not that happy about, I’m only going to post here when I have something that a) works properly as flash fiction and b) I am happy with.

I hope that you will continue to check back, as hopefully this reduction in quantity will allow for an improvement in quality.

Here’s to a new year, and hoping that it treats all of us well.