“Seriously? What kind of a mercenary are you?”

Hester scratched her head and looked embarrassed. “A… slightly squeamish one, I guess.”

The guildmaster gave a long, hard look.

“You’re turning down lucrative work because you’re squeamish?”

She put her hands up defensively. “Why do you think I learned the bow?! I like to work long range. I just don’t like getting blood and… whatever else on my clothes.”

The guildmaster sighed heavily and shuffled papers. “All right, fine, well, that rules out… most of these jobs… Ahah, here we go. Bandits on the eastern road. Nice, open territory for an archer.”

Hester smiled. “I like bandits. What’s the aim?”

“Eradicate them,” the guildmaster said, raising an eyebrow. “It seems that several attempts to discourage them have already failed. I hope that doesn’t make you squeamish.”

Hester pulled an arrow from her quiver and grinned. “Well, I wasn’t exactly planning on tickling them with these!”

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: Well, apparently I forgot that it was Wednesday yesterday! So, a little late, here’s my Three Word Wednesday for this week. The words are Squeamish, Mercenary and Eradicate.)