“Where in six heavens did you get that sword?!”

Beldon gave her a vicious grin.

“I liberated it from one of the guards,” he said.

Marra stopped in her tracks and looked at him. “Liberated?”

He shrugged. “Seemed it might be useful. Gives us another option, at least.”

Sheski stopped ahead of them and looked back.

“We already established what we’re doing,” she said. “We’re taking the tunnel out.”

Beldon pouted. “It’s wet down there. You know how much I hate getting my boots muddy,” he said.

Sheski was about to say something, but Marra stepped forward.

“He’s right, it will be wet and muddy down there. After these rains, it’s not our best option.”

Sheski folded her arms and glowered. “We take the tunnel, we get out swiftly and quietly, and nobody is any the wiser.”

Marra shook her head. “They check the cells every hour. They’ll know we’re gone that quickly. If we go out through the tunnel after last night’s downpour, we’ll be covered in mud, and that will make us obvious.”

Sheski shook her head. “We have one weapon between three of us. It’s impractical.”

Beldon grinned. “I could stand to do a little more liberation. Which of you ladies wants first choice?”

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: This week’s Three Word Wednesday prompts are the words Muddy, Liberated and Vicious.)