Helen had half expected life after her death to be fraught with difficulties; problems with credit, tenancies, not to mention getting a new job – she’d heard so many horror stories.

As it happened, she managed her transition to her new lifestyle – or should that be deadstyle? – just as she had managed every other change in her life. She’d always had a knack of perfect timing; always managed to be in the right place at the right time.

She cracked open her coffin on the first night to find everything just as she had requested; her best suit was hanging in the corner (she’d been very specific about being buried in the second-best one), and a fridge – hopefully stocked with plasma as requested – hummed in the corner.

On the desk, she found a stack of mail; her death certificate, a new tenancy agreement, a letter from the bank offering condolences on her death and a new interest rate based on her newly dead status, and a card for a vampire make-up specialist. She frowned at this last for a moment, before remembering that she wouldn’t be able to use a mirror any more.

Set to one side, however, was a far more interesting letter – formally offering her a position heading the new Nocturnal Department at the prestigious firm Farber, Lewis and Hartington.

Helen smiled with relief. She’d worried about the funeral brokers – they were not often honourable or reliable when it came to post-mortem arrangements but it seemed that they had held up their end of the contract perfectly.

Her name had probably had something to do with that. Too many new vampires were less fortunate, and the legal rights of the dead were rarely enforced. She was ready to change that, though. Today – tonight, she reminded herself – was the night she made history as the first vampire lawyer in London.

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: The Three Word Wednesday prompts this week were Fraught, Honourable and Nocturnal.)