Only a fool thinks himself incorruptible. There are strong hearts and there are weak ones, true, and some will fall to corruption more easily than others, but in the face of such power, all will fall eventually.

I am a fool, and this power is one I have carried for too long.

As the sun sets over the horizon I find myself thinking of home. It seems that the sunsets of my homeland are not so much a memory as a dream; something I imagined, a tale told long ago. Peaceful evenings by the riverside, waiting for a fish to nibble on a line, quiet days working the fields, these things are all dreams to me now. Dreams from another life. I wish that I could return to that life.

O, corrupted heart. To have taken me so far from all I loved. To have given me such power and placed me in such a position.

To have failed me now.

Small betrayals led to larger ones. I have betrayed everything that I ever held dear; love, family, friends, my people. It is only fitting that my heart should betray me now.

With this last breath I make this last wish; that some stronger heart may find the strength that I did not have, that this power should be defeated and laid to rest.

That this cursed sword may never find another fool.

© Kari Fay