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“Crumpets,” she said with a decisive nod.


“Crumpets,” she repeated. “You asked me why you should spare the planet.”

“And your answer is ‘crumpets’?”

“Absolutely. You can’t get them anywhere else, you know. Entire universe, length and breadth, no crumpets anywhere else but here.”

“This is worth saving an entire planet for?”

She looked taken aback. “You’ve obviously never had crumpets. You’d understand if you had. A nice bit of butter, a little jam- raspberry for preference, of course – and it all oozes through in the most glorious way…”


She looked at her watch. “Yes, you’re right, I have gone on long enough. Distracted you, though, didn’t I?”

She folded her arms and leaned back against the wall.

“You’re obviously not much for crumpets, I mean, really, look at you. I just needed to throw you off guard so that I could push a few of those buttons.”

She grinned. “And pause for effect…. Now what are you going to do, eh?”

© Kari Fay