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“Now, this picture, that’s your mother and me, this was when we were first engaged. She was quite something in those days…

This one? Oh, that’s me and Jack-Be-Quick, back in the old hero days. He was a bit of a rogue, that one, if you know what I mean. Kept just about on the right side of the law, mind, but you always had the impression that it would only take a little push. Always knew he’d meet a bad end.

What happened to him? Foolishness, that’s what. He said he could accelerate as fast as a fighter jet, and one day somebody dared him to prove it.

Let me tell you, racing an F-18? Bad idea. Especially if you don’t give the plane enough room.

We were the last of the Fleet Five, me and Jack. sad, really. End of an era. I mean, those were the days, it wasn’t like today. People have changed. Got passive and lazy. The other day, I was in the shop, looked out and there was this thug trying to steal a lady’s handbag, right out in the open, in broad daylight, and everybody just hurrying past like it wasn’t happening, not doing a thing.


Don’t you know I’m retired?

Don’t be daft, of course I did. Not as fast as I used to be, mind, not after the last hip operation. I mean, what are they making these things out of? It bust out when I hit about fifty mph, you’d think they’d build these things better.

Still, he dropped the lady’s bag. Must have given him quite a fright, seeing me chasing after him. Just like the old days.

Ah, now, look this picture’s you when you were just a baby…”

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: The Three Word Wednesday prompt words this week are Accelerate, Passive and Rogue.)