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Harkis slammed the tankard down on the bar, spilling its contents.

“Hey!” Jeth jerked his arm away quickly, trying to avoid being splashed. “What’s wrong with you?”

Harkis snarled something unintelligible and walked away.

Jeth turned to his drinking companion and shook his head. “So much for the days of the affable barkeep,” he said.

She poked his belly. “Probably went out of fashion at around the same time as the rangy hunter.”

“Hey!” He frowned and pulled himself upright.

She shook her head and laughed. “Doesn’t matter how much you suck it in, Jeth, you got fat.”

He sniffed. “Yeah, well. You got old.”

She drummed her fingers on the top of the bar. “Happens to us all.”

He picked up the tankard and tipped its contents down his throat. “Why did you come here, Elsa? It’s been a long time. Your daggers haven’t seen much action lately, I’ll wager.”

Her lips twitched. “More than your bow, I’d bet. You know why I came here. Same as you.”

He leaned on the bar. “Aye. Not much that could galvanise old adventurers like us into action, is there?”

She glanced over her shoulder, looking at the other drinkers in the establishment as they laughed and joked together. They had no idea.

“End of the world, he said,” she muttered. “That’d just about do it.”

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: This week the 3WW prompt words are Affable, Rangy and Galvanise.)