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Some say we used to rule the world; strange tales of days when there were no elves or dwarves, when we were great in our skills and in our sciences.

Fools tales, most say, told by those who resent our position; it is the way of things, they say, that we serve the elves and dwarves. How it has always been and how it will always be.

I… I am not so sure. I don’t believe that we always were as scattered as we are now. In my travels, I have seen signs of it – manmade things, in every corner of the world, even in the hearts of the elven and dwarven lands. We built there once; we lived there once. Great edifices that are recognisably human; with a grace that isn’t elven and a strength that isn’t dwarven.

But to those who haven’t seen such things, the fact remains. We are few, and far between, and for our livelihoods we rely on the goodwill of elves and dwarves.

It would not do to upset the balance.

But a balance is a delicate thing; even the lightest touch can set it swaying.

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: Not so much a story this week as an introduction – the seed of a story which I haven’t set a path for yet.