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The document was ridiculously long. He shuffled through the pages to see just how many there were and heaved an involuntary sigh.

“I can highlight the important bits for you, if that would help?”

He closed his eyes for a moment and gritted his teeth. “No, thank you,” he said with exaggerated patience.

“You sure?” She draped herself languorously across the corner of his desk. “Cause, y’know, seeing as you’re such a busy man and you obviously won’t have time to read it all, it would mean that you could just sign it now…”

“I said no,” he snapped. “What exactly do you think I pay my lawyers for? I’ll just instruct one of them to read the damn thing.”

Her eyes narrowed and her posture stiffened as she stood up. “Fine,” she said, her voice suddenly cold. “You’ll sign it.”

“You can submit any future requests through Harper, Matherson & Sons on Palmer Street,” he said, not looking up at her.

She left without another word. He sat at his desk, not moving, for several long minutes, then slowly pulled the ring off his finger and dropped it into the waste paper basket.

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: This week’s Three Word Wednesday prompt was quite tricky for me – the words are Highlight, Instruct and Submit.)