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“Well,” Herrin said, pulling a wet rag from one of the buckets and beginning to scrub at the mud on his face. “She took that pretty well.”

Tryls stood still, gazing out into the darkness after Mirra. “Yes,” he said quietly. “I did not quite anticipate the Emihi being so…”

He trailed off, trying to find the right word. Herrin looked up and laughed.

“Fearless,” he suggested. “She always has been, since I met her in… well, you don’t want to hear that story.”

Tryls tore his gaze away from the door and narrowed his eyes, looking hard at Herrin. “I don’t?”

“Probably not,” Herrin said. “You’d better wash before the water gets too cold. It’s already chilling.”

He ducked his head into the bucket, hoping that his attempt at changing the subject had been successful. When he sat up and wiped the now-dirty water from his face, he saw Tryls kneeling before the other bucket, his face serene as he waved his hands over it.

“Um. What are you doing?”

The night elf didn’t answer for a moment, although his lips moved slightly. Steam began to rise from the bucket.

“I dislike washing in cold water,” he said with a slight smile, raising the rag to dab delicately at the mud on his face. “Now. I think you need to tell me more about how you met the Emihi. I do not believe for a moment that she has ever been the humble barmaid she pretends to be.”

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: Three Word Wednesday this week gives us the prompts Anticipate, Fearless and Serene.)