Herrin and Tryls both jumped, startled by Mirra’s sudden appearance at the stable door. She frowned at them as she and the young boy behind her brought in buckets of water.

“I don’t like it when you jump like that,” she said, giving Herrin a suspicious glare. “It usually means you’re up to something I’d rather not know about.”

Herrin said nothing. Mirra looked from him to Tryls, who looked away sharply, and then back again.

“You hurry back to the bar,” she said to the boy, shooing him away with her hands. “And don’t say anything to anybody about these two.”

The boy shot her a brief affronted look and scurried off. Fists on hips, she turned to face Herrin and Tryls.

“Right,” she said. “Out with it. Now.”

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: I would have liked to give you a longer instalment this week but unfortunately I forgot what day it was and had to turn a little something out quickly before bed! More to follow next week…)