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Herrin was standing in the shadows, glowering.

“You gave her the horn.”

Tryls sighed and closed his eyes.

“You got the damned horn out of the barrow and you gave it… you gave it to her?!”

“Yes,” Tryls said calmly. “You didn’t need it.”

“Didn’t nee- Didn’t need it?!” Herrin spluttered and took a threatening step towards the elf. “We have bounties on our heads! The jewels on the strap alone could have paid it off.”

Tryls folded his arms. “Precisely. A priceless item, of which there is no duplicate in the world, and you see only the jewels upon it. You don’t realise what it is, or what it can do.”

Herrin paced across the stable, kicking straw around and gesturing like a man driven berserk.

“And you do? You have no idea. You haven’t a clue!”

Tryls stood calmly and quietly while Herrin ranted and raged at him.

“Are you done?”

The man stared at him, wild eyed and finally speechless.

“The draug in the barrow spoke to me,” Tryls said. “He told me what it is, and what it can do. That’s why it was left with him. That power… there are few who could be trusted with it.”

“Yet you gave it to Mirra,” Herrin spat. “You don’t know her. YOu know nothing of her.”

“More than you do,” Tryls said. “Unlike you, I have studied. The history, not only of this land but of its neighbours.”

The man looked confused. “What has history got to do with this?”

Tryls crossed the stable and sat down carefully on a bale of straw. “History is important, Herrin. It is not something to quibble about. Mirra is far more than a barmaid, and for her the horn means more than simply money.”

Herrin clenched his fists and swore. “You’re bloody annoying when you’re cryptic, elf.”

“Sit down,” Tryls said, gesturing at the straw bales. “I’ll explain. But it isn’t a short story.”

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: The story continues! This week the Three Word Wednesday prompt words are Berserk, Duplicate and Quibble.)