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“The hell is this?”

He looked at her plate. “I think that’s your salad.”

She poked at her food with her fork. “Three bits of flaccid lettuce and two- no wait, three whole cherry tomatoes does not a salad make.”

He looked around. “Round here it probably does. The waitress did look at you like you were an alien when you ordered it. Should’ve gone for the chips.”

She rolled her eyes. “Yeah, ’cause that would do wonders for my waistline.”

He grinned. “You worry too much about your weight.”

“You don’t worry enough. Your metabolism catches up with you, and before you know it the agile slim youth you once were is nothing but a phantom, a memory of something you’ll never be again.”

His smile grew even wider and he sat back. “Keep telling yourself that. I’m always going to have abs of steel.”

He slapped his stomach and she laughed out loud.

“Yeah right. You keep eating greasy, cheesy lasagne every day, and we’ll soon see who’s right.”

He shrugged and shovelled a forkful into his mouth. “Whatever,” he mumbled around it. “Looks better than yours, and it tastes good too.”

She shook her head with exasperation. “I cannot take you anywhere.”

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: The Three Word Wednesday prompt words this week are Agile, Flaccid and Phantom. An odd selection….)