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“Clowns are evil,” she stated. “It’s an empirical fact.”

He laughed and shook his head. “You’re nuts. Clowns are happy, fun guys. They’re supposed to make you laugh.”

“Oh yeah,” she said, widening her eyes sarcastically. “They make you laugh and then, once you’re disarmed, they gut you with a serrated knife hidden inside a rubber chicken.”

He folded his arms and stared at her, one eyebrow raised.

“I’m serious. John Wayne Gacy was a clown. He entertained kids by day and murdered teenage boys by night.”

He sighed. “One case of a serial killer clown does not constitute empirical evidence. And it’s definitely not something that’s going to stand up in court. Now can we get past your coulrophobia and investigate this like serious adults?”

She rolled her eyes and threw the file down on the desk. “Fine. We’ll do this your way. But I’m telling you, Charlie Chuckle here is our guy.”

He looked down at the crime scene photos in his hand. “What with the face paint and the curly wigs on the bodies, somebody certainly wants it to look that way.”

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: The Three Word Wednesday prompt words this week are Chuckle, Evil and Serrated. Evil clowns were, naturally, the first thing to cross my mind…)