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How did it come to this?

It seemed like only yesterday he had been safe and warm at home, toes toasting before the fire with a nice hot pie for supper and a glass of ale to hand.

But that wasn’t yesterday, nor even the day before. It had been days, weeks, even months – he had lost count somewhere along the way. And what a way it had been! Valleys and mountains and fields and plains and caves… an impossible journey that had taken him far beyond the furthest reaches of his imagination, and very far indeed from his warm and cosy home.

He sighed and poked at the meagre little fire he had built, trying to encourage it enough to push the chill away.

He had come a remarkably long way, but he had further to go yet. After all, his quest was far from over. The shivers running down his spine and the chill that cloaked his bones were testament to that. His eyes narrowed and he gritted his teeth. He would catch up to the sneaky little thief. He had to. He would catch up to him, take back what was his and wreak his revenge.

After all, his granny had knitted that poncho.

© Kari Fay