“This will be so much… easier for you if you cooperate.”

The voice came out of the darkness. He groaned and squinted, his head throbbing. He couldn’t make out anything, but he thought she was somewhere in front of him.

“You don’t really think that’s going to work do you?” He coughed. Was that blood he could taste? “I mean, honestly,” he said, hoping they couldn’t hear the fear in his voice, “That’s a bit lame, don’t you think?”

A terse laugh rang out. “Lame? Well, now. There’s an idea.”

He didn’t see the blow coming from the depths of the shadows, but he screamed as it shattered his knee.

“Do you have any more helpful suggestions,” she asked, “Or would you like to start telling me what I want to know?”

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: Three Word Wednesday gives us the prompt words Cooperate, Lame and Terse.)