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A soft chime played as the door opened, alerting the staff. A smartly attired young man approached the customer with a smile.

“Welcome to Sergei’s,” he said. “How can we be of service?”

The customer smiled back behind her mask. “Hi,” she said. “I was recommended this place by a colleague. I’m after a new look.”

“Absolutely,” the assistant said, gesturing the customer towards the displays. “We have a wide selection of styles and outfits, in a range of colours and fabrics, all custom-fitted and made to your specifications. Did you have something particular in mind?”

The customer nodded, then shrugged a little. “Yeah. Well, sort of. I’m looking for something edgy but iconic. An update to my current look, you know, it’s me, but it’s a little dated?”

The assistant looked her up and down, and nodded. The Lycra material of her outfit clung attractively to her lithe figure, but it was distinctly out of style and looked, frankly, a little cheap.

“I think we have just the thing,” he said, swiping his fingers expertly across the touch screen of the display to bring up his recommendations.

“A modern twist on the silver age look,” he continued, his sales pitch flawless and well practiced, “this costume combines style with practicality. The metallic accent colours provide a stand-out touch that’s far more ‘today’ than the basic primary palette we’re all so used to, and I think this colour scheme will accentuate your skin tone perfectly.  A lightweight kevlar padding is ideal for heroes who don’t happen to be bullet-proof, but it’s still fitted enough to accentuate the figure and allow for the flexibility you’ll need when bringing justice to the streets. The mask is available in full face, half face or domino style, depending on your needs for anonymity. Oh, and a cape is also available, in three lengths, but you’ll need to present an insurance waiver from City Hall to purchase one. Health and safety, you know?”

Miss Extraordinary smiled and nodded. “It’s perfect,” she said, fishing through one of her belt pouches for her insurance waiver and credit card. “I’ll take the half face mask and short cape, please.”

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: This week Three Word Wednesday prompts writers with the words Edgy, Iconic and Lithe. Super hero costume shopping time!)