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It took all three of them to carry the whole collection into the store.

“Good grief,” the shopkeeper said. “When you said you had a collection for assessment I was expecting one album, maybe two- how many have you got there?!”

They shrugged and looked at each other.

“No, no, don’t worry, just let me have a look.”

They browsed idly through the shelves while the shopkeeper assessed the collection, checking a few here, a few there. Eventually he called them back over.

“I can’t take this,” he said. “It’s beyond priceless. I could give you every last penny I had and I’d still be ripping you off. How did you get all this?”

The youngest spoke first. “It belonged to our grandad. He left it to all three of us.”

“He spent his life putting it together,” the second said. “We thought it would be a shame to split it up.”

The shopkeeper blinked. “You mean to say that this is one man’s work?”

They nodded.

“But… there are such rarities here! For one person to assemble such a wide collection would mean he’d have to go around the entire world! It would cost an unimaginable fortune just in the travel!”

“Not really,” the eldest said. “He travelled on goodwill mostly, favours from friends, that sort of thing.”

The shopkeeper flipped through the top album of the stamp collection once more.

“Impossible,” he said. “How could he possibly manage that?”

“Well,” the youngest said, “he used to say that philately gets you everywhere.”

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: A bit of a random and silly thing this week!)