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Before time began, there was a forest. The trees grew without light, without sound, without rain, in the deepest darkness of the void.

Gradually, one tree began to grow taller than the rest. It span, leaves flying into the emptiness and taking new shape. Nine worlds formed in the void, spinning, orbiting, moving through space that had never seen motion before.

Upon the spinning orbs a million people were born, lived, loved and died, forged through their experiences into sharp, fine instruments as honed as Damascus steel.

Steel was taken into the forge. In the heat of an immortal alchemist’s fire, the instruments of war – people once forged into weapons – now melted and were reforged into a single, sacred chalice.

A chalice span in the void, and the chalice was given a name, and the name was Home.

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: I thought I’d try an experiment in creating a myth this week. Any thoughts?)