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“There’s something here,” she said.

Her companion consulted his various gadgets and devices and frowned.

“I’m not reading any unusual activity,” he said. “You sure?”

She rolled her eyes at him. She knew that he was a tech-head at heart, and loath to trust in her ability, but at the same time, he should have noticed by now that she was never wrong. She felt the presence of a spirit viscerally, a shock running through her like she’d been poked with a cattle prod, and it was impossible to mistake.

“Absolutely,” she said. “It’s only faint at the moment, but there is definitely something here. We should move further in.”

He sighed and waved his little digital meter around a bit more. “I’m still not getting anything,” he said. “No ghosties, no ghoulies, not even a bump-”

A heavy thump from the fireplace at the end of the hall cut him off. She had felt it coming – a buzz that ran through her face and made her clench her teeth – and that brief moment’s warning allowed her to remain cool and unflustered while he practically jumped out of skin, barely keeping a hold of his meter.

“You were saying?”

He grinned as he recovered himself, hitting the record function as the meter squealed and beeped.

“Alright,” he said, “You’re right, again. Stop looking smug and start talking to it.”

The electric sensation of the spirit in the room grew stronger, rushing at her like a train, clutching at her chest and twisting. She gasped and fell to her knees under the force of the attack.

“It’s- not here to talk-” she panted, black spots swimming before her eyes.

He dropped his meter and grabbed for the combo trapper-gun on his belt.

“Hey,” he shouted indignantly at the invisible spirit, “Leave my psychic alone!”

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: This week the Three Word Wednesday prompt words are: Clench, Faint, Prod.)