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The soft, swelling motion of the ocean rocked her back and forth, and she chanted softly as she closed her eyes. As she slipped into a trance, her companions looked at each other nervously.

One of them shuffled his feet and fingered the pommel of his sword. “Think this’ll work?”

“Shh,” his wife whispered back. “She needs quiet or no, it won’t.”

He cursed quietly and slipped out of the cabin. He wobbled across the deck to the rail, his usual confident stride left on land along with his sea legs, and leaned over, trying not to watch the waves crashing against the side of the ship. A soft sigh behind him announced his wife’s presence.

“Her vision has started,” she said. “It’s working.”

He rested his forehead against the wood of the railing. “Good,” he said. “Can we go back to shore?”

She laughed and rubbed his back gently. “These things take time. You know how vague her visions can be.”

He scowled back at her. “They were supposed to get clearer out here!”

She nodded, and patted his shoulder. “They get clearer at sea, but look, we’re hardly out of port. I’m pretty sure this doesn’t actually count.”

He glanced up and groaned. “We’re going further out?”

“No choice,” she told him. “If we’re going to save the world, we’re just going to have to say goodbye to the peaceful waves of the port and go out into the open sea.”

“Oh god,” he muttered, “You call this peaceful?”

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: This week the Three Word Wednesday prompts are Motion, Peaceful and Vision.)