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She leaned her chair back on its back legs, put her feet up on the desk and yawned. She clasped her hands behind her head and pushed her arms up in a long languid stretch.

“Keeping you up, are we?”

She stuck her tongue out at her partner Grey and, with a sigh, took her feet off her desk. Her chair fell back to the ground with a thump and she steadied herself with the palms of both hands on her desk.

“Steady,” he said. “You nearly spilled my coffee.”

“It’s shite coffee anyway,” she retorted. “Why would you care?”

He shrugged. “Caffeine is caffeine, and if you put enough sugar in you don’t notice. How you doing there, anyway? Got anything?”

She sighed and flipped through the pages clipped inside her manila folder. “Everything and nothing. Burroughs is quite clearly trying to implicate Heston, but without evidence he’s just spitting in the wind.”

Grey laughed. “Anything he did have would be suspect anyway. Those two have been at loggerheads for years.”

She nodded. “And with only his statement, we have no due cause for a search. Which leaves us with precisely nothing.”

Grey looked sombre. “Nothing but four dead kids.”

She shoved her fingers into her hair. “You think Heston looks good for this, or are we barking up the wrong tree?”

Grey stroked his chin. “We know the kids were connected to him. It’s all we’ve got so we’re going to have to run with it for now, and pray for a break.”

She bent her head over the papers once more, glancing up through her hair at him.

“Let’s just pray that break doesn’t come in the shape of another dead kid,” she muttered.

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: Three Word Wednesday this week gives us the prompts Cause, Implicate and Stretch. And I could have sworn that I actually posted this yesterday when it was Wednesday, but apparently I didn’t click the Publish button, so sorry, regular readers, for the delay and we now return you to your usual schedule…)