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He shouldn’t be here, but he can’t help himself. The sounds, the lights, even the smells – it all combines to entice him in. He tells himself that he’ll walk straight past, but it never works, and here he is again.

His throat is dry and he coughs nervously as he looks around. There’s plenty to drink here, but it’s not the bar that lures him in.

She smiles as he approaches, and his eyes meet hers. He’d like to think there’s some spark there, but deep down he knows it’s pure professionalism.

He places his chips, and she deftly deals the cards. He looks down at the table and thinks long and hard. It’s close. Should he take the chance?

A slight smile crosses his lips, as he begins to savour the moment.

“Hit,” he says, tapping the table.

His heart races as the card flips from her elegant fingers. In the heat of the rush, in that moment, it’s not whether he wins or loses that matters; only that he plays.

And he plays on.

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: This week the Three Word Wednesday prompts are Chance Entice and Savour. Well, Savor, but I’m British so I put the u back 😛 )