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“Ow… my head… did I… did I hit something?”

A harsh sound, halfway between a laugh and a cough, came in response.

“Sharp one, ‘e is. Best watch out lad, or you’ll cut yerself.”

Mark couldn’t see properly. Everything was blurry. There was a persistent ticking noise somewhere nearby. He tried to sit up, groping for something to push himself up with.

“Hey, watch it,” the voice snapped, and a hand grabbed his wrist. “I said, watch out or you’ll cut yerself!”

The world started to come into focus and Mark squinted, finally seeing broken glass on the ground where he had been about to put his hand. Windshield glass? It must be.

Tick, tick, tick. He turned his head and orange light dazzled him, on, off. On, off. Hazard lights, he realised.

“What happened?”

There was a crunching noise as the other man’s boot turned on the broken glass. “Not a clue, mate. I just found you lying here. Looks like you came out the passenger side.”

The other man crouched down and held out a hand. “Lucky for you, you seem to have come out of it with nowt broken. Think you can get up?”

He took the man’s hand and stood up, carefully. His head was throbbing.

“Cops are on the way,” the other man said. “Looks like your driver scarpered. Didn’t want a charge of reckless endangerment, or whatever they call it, I guess. At least ‘e put the flashers on first, else I’d ‘ave crashed into the back end meself.”

Mark rubbed his head. “Bastard,” he muttered. “I’ll recklessly endanger him when I get my hands on him.”

The other man laughed. Blue lights appeared on the horizon.

“Don’t let them hear you say that, mate, and you should be all right.”

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: The Three Word Wednesday prompts this week are Cut, Endanger and Hazard. More of a scene than a story, this one, but while the words seemed easy at first sight I actually struggled to come up with anything today.)