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“Oh, can you feel that?”

She ran her fingers up her arms and shivered, her eyes wide in the darkness.

“Oh, yes, you’re right,” the presenter next to her said, picking up on her cue. “It’s cold, isn’t it?”

The supposed expert consulted his machines. “Yes,” he said, “There’s certainly a temperature fluctuation here, but of course, we have to remember that this is an old house.”

The presenter nodded. “There’s drafts everywhere, but this feels like something else, doesn’t it?”

“Oh definitely. This is it,” she said. “There’s definitely something here.”

She closed her eyes to concentrate. She knew that the producer hated it, he thought it looked better to have her eyes glittering in the eerie green night vision shots, but it helped her concentrate on the act.

“It’s a man,” she whispered, holding her hand up as if to touch something tangible. She imagined feeling her way through a tangle of emotions and memories, and trying to make sense of them. “An old man, and very sad,” she continued.

She felt her breath catch in her throat. Oh, she was on form tonight. The show was going to be a good one. “Very lonely,” she said, “So very lonely.”

She heard a rustle as the presenter leaned forward. “Can you get a name?”

“Henry? Yes, Henry. I’m getting a sense that he was a man of faith,” she said, remembering the notes the producer had thrust at her before they arrived.

Better keep the producer happy, she thought. She opened her eyes, and screamed as the shade of the dead priest stared back at her.

© Kari Fay
(Author’s Note: The Three Word Wednesday prompts this week are Feel, Shade and Tangle.)