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I once was lost, so the song says, then I was found.

It’s true enough. I was lost, purposeless, an aimless wanderer. Drifting through my life with no real destination in mind.

Then I found Grace. Or did she find me? It’s hard to say. Maybe we found each other. We knew straight away that it was meant to be, though. We were kindred spirits, meant to be together. When we set eyes on each other, it was like a light going on in a room that you’d never even realised was dark.

I once was blind, but now I see. And she has shown me so much, so very much. Things you wouldn’t believe. Things I would never have seen without my Grace.

Oh, the things she’s shown me. I’ve seen the end of the world, and the beginning, and boy, amazing isn’t even the word.

But you know, you’ll never get it just from me saying so. You’ll never understand it just from these words. Talking and listening, they’re overrated.

You gotta see. Let me show you.

© Kari Fay