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The fragrant scent of baking filled the air, and she smiled. Birthday cake smelt better than any other cake; it was a well known fact. She took a deep breath and allowed the aroma to jostle her memories. The party when she was ten years old, when she and her friends danced the Time Warp on the garden wall, her sixteenth, her eighteenth, her twentieth – the kid’s party with pizza, ice cream and party games when she hit thirty. She wondered if there was any jelly. But then, maybe she was getting a little old for jelly and ice cream…

Nah. That would never happen. Even if she did have to buy it for herself these days.

She poked at the last remnant of her birthday lunch with her fork, then ate it with a grin. She was stuffed, but there was still plenty of room for cake. Birthday cake, after all, was magic, and took up no room in your stomach and added no calories, because diets don’t count on your birthday.

And she knew exactly what she was going to wish for.

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: Three Word Wednesday again – the words are Fragrant, Jostle and Remnant. Oh and it just might be somebody’s birthday today… but I’m not saying exactly how old I am!)