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The thin man leaned over the console, his attention on the displays while his fingers manipulated the controls.


“An unexpected crinkle in the time-space continuum,” he replied, without looking around at his captain.

The captain shifted uncomfortably. “Do we have company?”

“Negative. It appears that a vessel ahead of us just exited the the continuum at the twentieth century. We can navigate around the worst of the shockwaves.”

The captain groaned slightly and rubbed her temples with her fingers. “How long will that add to our journey?”

“Approximately five hours.”

She sighed and stood up. “I’d better go and warn our passengers in person. No doubt they will all demand compensation. Again.”

“No doubt,” the officer said, still intent on the console.

The captain left the bridge.

She loved flying, and flying back and forth through time presented its own unique quirks and challenges, but she hated running time cruises. As if dealing with the passengers’ unending complaints along the way wasn’t bad enough, she’d have to get into costume at the end of it, some ridiculous dress no doubt, so that she could escort her passengers while they looked around the court of the Sun King or whatever other destination they settled on.

She stopped at the speed-lift and frowned. Destinations. What in the twelve galaxies would possess somebody to fly into the twentieth century?

She shook her head as the door slid open. Insanity. Whoever it was, they were obviously mad.

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: The Three Word Wednesday prompt this week is the words Crinkle, Demand and Navigate. I think this little vignette is another snippet that could one day blossom into something larger.)