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I bet Cherry will love that little café down Harrington Street, we can stop there for a bite to eat then go over to that new clothes shop on Bank Av- oh damn, bank!

“Oh, damn, I forgot! Hey Cherry, I just have to pop into the bank here to pay a bill, it’ll take five minutes. You don’t mind, do you?”

Oh jeez, booooring! I bet she gets in line behind a crazy old lady with a million pennies to count out and we’ll be stuck in there all damned afternoon. So much for new shoes.


I should’ve set a reminder on my phone for this bill, ought to get it set up on a standing order really. Still, it isn’t lunchtime yet, shouldn’t be too busy. Hey, the queue’s not even that bad.

“You wanna sit over there while I queue?”

No, I want to go shopping, but you’re being boring. Still, at least I can check my Facebook while I’m waiting.


Really should get my online banking sorted out- no, not while I’ve got Cherry waiting. She looks pissed off already. Glad there’s nobody in front of me counting out small change, at least!

“Oh hi, yeah, I just want to pay this bill?”

Vaguebooking, obvious frape, boring links, Farmville updates. Why do I bother? I wonder if I’ve got time to play Angry Birds- nah, she’s at the counter already.

“Nobody move this is a robbery!”

What the-?

What the-?

“Down on the ground! Now! Nobody move and you won’t get hurt!”

Oh no, not today…


“Drop the phone!”

Oh you did not just point a gun at my sister- no, I can’t, not in public, stay in control – can’t let people know – but she’s my sister-

please don’t shoot me, I dropped it, please don’t hurt me, oh Christy, help me!
“Please don’t hurt me, I wasn’t calling anyone-“

“Shut up! On the ground!”

What are they doing with that bomb? That’s enough to blow the entire – oh no, that’s enough to blow up the entire building…

Not with my sister in it, they won’t.

Secrets be damned. I have to do something.

Christy? No!

“What the- Stop her! Shoot her!”

Stay down, Cherry, please stay down… Knock out these two, and I should have enough time to disarm the bomb, careful now Christy, don’t jolt it… It’s already primed, maybe I can detach the detonator- it won’t come off.

Damn. Only one thing to do.

She isn’t bleeding? They shot her, but she isn’t….

She’s flying.

Punch through the wall, hope it doesn’t destabilise the building. No time to worry about falling masonry. If I can fly high enough, fast enough, the surge from the blast won’t reach the ground…

She’s flying.

“Oh my stars! It’s Fantastic Girl!”

Fantast- no. No. She’s my sister, she’s my boring, dull sister, she can’t be…

But she is.

My sister is Fantastic Girl.

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note – Last minute panic to post – I wrote this earlier and then got distracted by Things. Anyway, for the Three Word Wednesday prompt this week, we got Detach, Jolt and Surge.

P.S., ThomG if you read this – I haven’t been able to leave a comment on 3WW for the last few weeks, the word verification won’t accept my answers!)