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The open sea had never held any terror for me. The sway of the waves, the creak of sail and rigging – that was the best lullaby I could imagine, and in my hammock below decks I slept many a blissful night.

Until that night.

T’was her song that caught us; captured the ear of the man at the wheel first, then captured the hearts of every last one of us. Not for a moment did we hesitate. Not for a moment did any man argue. Even as we crashed upon the rocks, even as our beautiful, faithful ship was torn into mere lumber, we were captivated.

She sat upon the rocks like an ancient goddess, her hair shining in the moonlight as she combed it out. She barely even looked around as the ship bore down upon her. The noise of the splintering wreck, though horrific, didn’t disturb the song she sang.

But she watched us as we drowned. She smiled at us as we sank into the brine, and I saw her laughing as the last bubble of breath left my lips.

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: This week the Three Word Wednesday prompt is Bubble, Lumber and Wreck.)