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I have never been the most festive person. While others drink, make merry and wassail, I far prefer to make more productive use of my time.

It is my belief that hands are not meant to be idle. There is always something to do, and while others see this time of year as an exception, to me it is a busier time than ever.

There is no time for me to drink a little more, or eat more indulgently. I have no time to spare for indigestion or hangovers. I have no time to play with pointless gadgets. No time to write long letters. No, I’m afraid that isn’t me.

I have too many things to do. There must not be a single rumple in my suit. Not a hair out of place in my beard. Not a name mis-spelt on my list. Not a single wish overlooked.

Oh, yes, this is my busiest time of year, and there’s no time for me to be festive. I work hard so you can enjoy the season.

That’s why they call me Father Christmas.

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: The Three Word Wednesday prompt this week was Belief Festive and Rumple.)