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It rained that day.

The bus was late.

The rain turned into hail.

The bus didn’t stop for her; instead it drove through a puddle and soaked her head to toe.

She walked to work, arriving late to dirty looks and grumbles, to an overflowing inbox, to a depressing cubicle and too many telephone messages and emails.

She worked through her normal lunchtime.

Her sandwich went missing from the office kitchen.

She went hungry.

She had to stay late to make up for that morning, and missed the bus home.

It was raining again as she walked home.

She ran a bath, hot water and scented bubble bath, and made a big mug of hot chocolate. With the lights down low, she sank into the water and wrapped her fingers around the mug.

Afterwards, she slipped into bed and pulled the sheets up, breathing in the smell of fresh laundry.

All things considered, it wasn’t such a bad day.

© Kari Fay