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Everyone had always seen her as the quiet girl.

Sometimes, her teachers might have used words like “responsible”, by dint of the fact that all the other children were screaming, shouting, gossiping or running around, while she sat quietly waiting for the lesson to begin.

A lot of people would scratch their heads and wonder “Which girl?” while trying to match up a vague description of a quiet, unassuming girl to their memories of a room full of far more memorable people.

Most people would have been surprised to learn that she had a boyfriend at all. How did she ever get him to notice her, they wondered, when she was such a quiet little mouse.

When they read the headlines, heard about what she had done – and heard the whispers, the rumours of details too horrible to be published, details which had turned the stomachs of strong men accustomed to the darker side of life and death – they were all stunned.

Still waters, it seemed, really did run deep.

© Kari Fay