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The clouds can be so peaceful at times. Soft, white patches, drifting lazily across a crystal blue sky as if they have absolutely nothing better to do.

But you can’t trust the clouds. They’ll turn on you before you know it, and all of a sudden you’re face with black, swirling monsters, spitting lightning with reckless vengeance.

Just as quickly as they turn, they calm and regroup. A sea of grey, formless and neverending.

That’s when you can build with them.

You can’t build out of white clouds. It looks pretty, but they’re too soft, and it’ll just fall apart on the winds.They make good decorative features, but that’s about it.

Building with black clouds isn’t entirely out of the question – it’s been done at least once that I know of. Perfect if you want an ominous, gothic abode, and you have the balls to build it, but not for everyone.

For most of us, though, it’s the grey clouds you work with. Solid enough to hold together and stay together. Perfect building blocks for your dream castle in the sky.

© Kari Fay