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Around the world, millions of people went to bed thinking that tomorrow would be just another day.

Another day of ordinary chores; of dropping kids off at schools, of sitting at desks and in cubicles. Another day of traffic jams, luncheon meetings, or dinner dates. Some were looking forward to a special day; a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, a graduation.

Whether grand or mediocre, people everywhere had plans. Expectations.

But on this day, nothing happened.

No alarms rang. No sirens sounded. There were no warning bells, no emergency broadcasts.

Nothing happened.

There were no birds, greeting no dawn.

No morning rush hour; no cars, no roads, no offices and no schools. No mothers, no children, no employees and no bosses.

It was no ordinary day. It was no special day. It was no day.

There was nothing, and nothing stretched on.

And there were no words.

© Kari Fay