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Once upon a time, there was a man who had two children. His daughter was fair and gentle, and would no doubt grow up to be a very beautiful woman one day. His son was clever and brave, and would no doubt grow up to be a strong and good man.

But their mother had died some years ago, and the man struggled to bring them up on his own. He was also lonely for adult company, and soon he found a new wife. She was younger than his first wife, and quite vain. She was also not very fond of the children, and she resented their presence.

“We can’t afford to feed four mouths,” she told her husband. “You have to get rid of those two brats.”

“How can I get rid of them,” he asked her. “They’re my kids!”

She folded her arms and gave him a long, cold glare. “I don’t care how you get rid of them,” she said. “Just do it. Take them into the forest and get them lost or something.”

They didn’t know that the children were listening.

“Don’t worry,” the boy told his sister. “I have a plan. It’ll be okay.”

After many days of nagging, the man gave in and led his two children deep into the forest. When he was sure that they were deep enough in the forest, miles and miles from home, he ran away out of sight and left the two little children all on their own.

The little girl bit her lip and turned to her big brother. “What are we going to do?”

He smiled. “It’s okay,” he said. “Don’t worry. I told you I had a plan. I’ve got GPS on my phone, so we’ll be home in no time. And I’ll call the cops to meet us there.”

© Kari Fay