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She makes sandwiches for him every morning. Wrapped in tin foil and packed into a tupperware box with a little note. He puts them into his briefcase, shuffling papers and files aside to make room, then kisses her goodbye.

She stands at the window to wave him goodbye, and he sets off down the road to the train station.

She knows what time his train leaves, and waits exactly fifteen minutes after that before she calls her lover, just to be sure that he won’t miss the train and come back to catch her.

He gets on the train and goes far enough to be unrecognised. He goes to the park if it’s sunny, and sits inside the shopping centre if it isn’t. Sometimes he reads, sometimes he sits doodling and scribbling in the notepad from his briefcase. Sometimes, if he takes his laptop to connect to the free wifi, he searches the internet for a solution. He eats his sandwiches and throws the note away unread.

At three o’clock her lover leaves. She Febrezes the bedroom and straightens her hair before the kids get in from school. By the time he gets home she’s got the dinner on the table.

She smiles as he walks through the door. “Good day at the office, dear?”

He sighs and puts his briefcase down gently at the foot of the stairs. “Oh, you know,” he says, holding his arms out to embrace her. “The usual. Think I solved a problem that I’ve been working on, though.”

She embraces him quickly, then turns back to the table. “That’s nice dear,” she says. “Is it something big?”

“Oh, yes,” he says. “Explosive. Very big news.”

She doesn’t tell him that she stopped loving him years ago. He doesn’t tell her that he was fired eight months ago. They weave their tangled web until it breaks.

© Kari Fay