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The corridors were dark, and went on endlessly. He wandered through them aimlessly. A left turn here. A right turn there.

It had always been this way. The dark, the loneliness and the corridors. Nothing ever changed. He had dwelt for many years in one place, but the need for a change had set him wandering.

There were the maidens, of course. Every so often he would run into one of them. Fair and beautiful they were, like sparks of light in his darkness.

But they were so frail.

He turned another corner. It had been a long time since he had last seen one of the maidens. Perhaps he would find one soon. One who was not so frail and afraid as the others. One who would stay and keep him company.

He turned another corner and something caught his eye. Something brightly coloured, delicate, fluttering along the wall.

A thread.

A thread where there had been none before; that meant he was not alone in these dark halls. His mind filled with images. A beautiful, strong maiden, clever and compassionate. Someone who would keep him company, stroke his fur, caress his horns. His dream.

He picked up the string and began to trace it along. Perhaps at the end of it, he would find his destiny.

© Kari Fay