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The word went out in text messages, on social networking sites, over instant messaging. Word of mouth for the modern age. You can’t stop the signal.

The message was simple. Be there. Do it. Make yourself heard.

They took to the streets en masse. Crowds of humanity, moving through the city with one purpose. The individuals became one group.

The streets were full of broken glass, thrown bricks and burnt out cars. Windows were smashed. Shops and offices, even homes, burnt to a cinder, smouldering.

When the word went out, the people responded. They came out to clean the streets.

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: I am, thankfully, nowhere near any of the riots but my thoughts are with those who are. I choose to disregard the scum who took to looting and violence and focus instead on the good people who came out today to clean up. Ladies and gentlemen of the #riotcleanup I salute you.)