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She opened her eyes and tried to scream.

Two tall figures stood in her bedroom. Superficially, they looked like men, but there was something wrong about the way they stood, they way they moved.

She knew that if – when – they got closer she would be able to see the missing details that gave them away completely. Their suits and shirts had no buttons. They had no nostrils. Their fake mouths didn’t open, even when they spoke with those hideous, monotonous voices which seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere. They didn’t blink- they had no eyelids.

It was just a dream, she told herself. Just like the therapist had told her to. Just a dream.

Just a dream.

One of them lifted a sheet of paper from her desk and held it up for his companion. It was a bad sketch; she was no artist. She hadn’t drawn anything since school, not until the therapist had told her to draw the figures from her dreams. It was, however, unmistakeably a drawing of them.

A horribly familiar voice emanated from the figure. “It would appear that our last procedure was less than successful,”it said.

“I am perturbed,” the other figure replied, in a voice that betrayed no such emotion. “Perhaps a higher dose is in order.”

It’s just a dream, she told herself as they slid towards her.

Just a dream, she told herself, as she watched their hideous faces loom over her.

Just a dream, she told herself, as she felt their fingers pierce her skin.

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: the Three Word Wednesday prompt this week is the words Appear, Dose and Pierce. Ever wondered what goes through my head when I’m writing these stories? Well, I just started a companion blog where I can write about my writing, and I started off with some thoughts on this very story- I’d love for you to drop by and visit me at Behind The Fire.)