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It was a nice sunny day. A perfect day to go for a walk with his faithful companion.

They headed straight for the park; along the nice shady avenue with all the big old trees, past the front of the hospital and down the hill. It was a perfect place to get some exercise. There was plenty of space to play ball, have a nice run around.

“Hello,” said a passerby, with a smile. He smiled back, but carefully kept the lead taut and kept going.

A few minutes later they passed another. “Good afternoon,” she said, “Nice weather, isn’t it?”

His pet stopped, and he groaned inwardly as he jerked to a halt. If he let him stop for more than a moment, they would never get to the park. He tugged at the lead, impatiently, trying to coax his companion onwards.

“Sorry, I can’t stop, he needs his exercise!”

The woman laughed. “I don’t know who’s walking who there!”

He shook his head at that inane comment as they finally started moving again. Surely it was obvious who was walking who? I mean, really, he thought to himself, whoever heard of a man walking a dog?

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: Late one today, and a theme I’ve visited before, but I hope you won’t mind! I had a busy day visiting the MCM Expo and was very nearly too worn out to come up with anything at all.)