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She rolled over onto her back and opened her eyes. It was still dark. She stretched lazily and lifted her head to look over at the orange lights of the alarm clock. It was only three o’clock.

With a smile, she rested her head back on the pillow and looked up through the darkness.

It was quiet, for a change. There was no traffic noise from the street outside, no groups of drunks shouting as they walked home. Just the slow, steady sound of his breathing.

She turned over and reached out, laying her arm gently across his chest. He stirred, put his hand over her arm and was asleep once more.

When the morning came she would have to worry about the overdue bills, about the targets she had to meet at work, about his impending redundancy, about the shopping and the laundry and the housework, about the car, about – but that was when morning came.

Right now, she had everything she ever wanted.

With a little sigh, she smiled and went back to sleep.

© Kari Fay