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Her fingers moved swiftly across the keyboard. Gone was the hesitation, gone was the procrastination, gone was all doubt. She typed as if in a frenzy, hunched over the keyboard, not pausing, ignoring the cup of coffee gradually going cold just a few inches away. Time flew by; the sun set, the stars rose, and still she typed.

Nothing mattered except the flow of words.

And then, abruptly, she stopped.

She blinked and re-read the last sentence. Re-read the last paragraph. Hit “Save”.

Her shoulders relaxed and she sat back.

She had created an entire world and filled it with people. She had brought that world crashing down and, step by step, they had built it up again. Conflict, tension, confrontation, climax and resolution. And now it was over.

Now she felt as if she could dance among the stars; as if she was at the centre of the world.

With a smile, she leaned forwards once more and typed two last words.

The End.

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: The direct reference to the Tarot card itself here is slight; just one sentence. But the message matches. Completion. Accomplishment. Wholeness. Fitting, don’t you think, for the story that marks one whole year of daily stories?)